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HOTHEADS Speed Brush
Developed by Michael Victor and Patti Coyne, the most unique, simple to use, technologically advanced professional performance hair brushes.

Designed by hairstylists who know there is a better, simpler way to get great healthy looking styled hair every time.

With over 40 years of experience in working with all types of professional hair hair brushes Michael and Patti realized that not a single professional hair brush combined the styling realities of working with the physics of head, heat, hair and hand.

By combining all their ideas into a brand called HOTHEADS a whole new dimension in professional hair brush design and function has been created. PERFORMANCE BY DESIGN.

The performance brand of hairbrushes under the name HOTHEADS now includes a round 3DSPEED brush, 3D Paddle Styling Grooming brush and Mini G paddle brush. Soon to launch is the Enforcer with THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY TM.

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